Mystery squash

I had two compost piles going towards the end of the year. One that I place all of my yard waste in, the second was out of necessity. I had run out of room in my normal pile so I created a second pile right on top of a cleared space in my garden. I had been given the opportunity to pick sweet corn from a coworkers field and ended up with a 1/2 a truck load. That is a LOT of husks and cobs (we froze the kernels)...thus the second pile. Well I let it sit during the winter as it was covered with an ungodly amount of snow and when it eventually thawed, I added some winter squash and acorn squash that I had in storage from the 09 summer that I never got to. 

I must mention that in these exact same compost pile in the fall, I placed pumpkins as well.

Anyway, spring came around and what do you know, so did about 10 squash plants. I moved most of them out to the farm but those that remain now look like this. Please excuse the creeping charlie and other weeds as I haven't gotten to this area just yet.   Weeds, I tell ya.

It's approximately 2 feet tall.  Since I didn't plant it and have no idea what it is, I am assuming it is winter squash.

I have been watching, checking, monitoring, and my wait to find out is almost over.  Look what I found.

Granted a pesky garden varmint doesn't eat it, I will soon find out what this mystery plant is!
2 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Sweet! A mystery squash! How awesome, to have a surprise!

  2. Ann Flowers Says:

    I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

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