My neighbor "Wilson"

Have any of you watched "Tool Time" with Tim Allen?  Do you remember his half faced fence neighbor Wilson? 

I have a Wilson...well without the privacy fence and half face. A little picket fence separates our properties.
"Wilson" as I will call him, lives on a small and shaded corner lot.  His tiny back yard meets up with our drive-way where you will find a gate that opens up to our yard.  

Wilson and his wife are fantastic neighbors. Somewhat naturalists, somewhat retired, more than somewhat garden lovers.  Wilson especially, has fantastic stories about his previous gardens, friends gardens, enormous compost piles and has garden ideas galore.  Wilson is the neighbor that gave me the fresh horseradish.

Because his itty bitty yard is shaded, he has limited opportunity to grow as much as he would like.  But none-the-less, he uses every possible space he can.  He is a master at space saving techniques and has given me plenty of ideas that I have ended up using in my garden.  .

He has beautifully made planter boxes. Some tiered for more growing space.  He uses the tight space between his fence and shed.  Grows peas on his chain link fence and the 1 foot opening between his fence line and the neighbors, he plants squash.  He also built a long narrow planter box, bent some aluminum piping and fastened string in 2 inch increments from the top of the piping into the ground to allow pole beans a place to grow.  He is also testing out the tomato hanging bags this year and has them hanging on the awning of his house.

His most recent addition to his garden are reflective windshield covers, propped along the fence and his planter box.  Since the majority of his garden is shaded, he is trying to gather all the sunlight he can.  We have yet to find out if his covers work and his veggies flourish.  I guess time will tell.

Wilson and I exchange plants, share ideas and produce.  I enjoy listening to his stories and see his ideas come to fruition.
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  1. Laura Says:

    That's so cool! I love having good neighbor's! They are something to cherish! Yours sound especially fun! What creative but practical garden ideas!

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