Many Hats

I wear many hats as many mothers, wives, full time workers do.  The hats I wear allow me to love, protect, provide for those around me.  They allow me to manage my time, create new ideas, be efficient and accurate.

But this hat, my $7 straw hat, sweat band included, does all of that for me.  It hangs in my kitchen on a nail right by the back door.  Easily accessible for the times I venture outside. Did I mention that it also has a draw string that when tightly cinched will remain firmly on my head even with the hurricane force winds at the farm?

It protects and loves me.  My skin is VERY pale.  I don't tan, I don't even try. I pink or in some cases, turn the color of a Roma.  Between my SPF-50 and this hat, I keep the sunburn at bay. 

It provides shade as mentioned above, but it also hides my unwashed, fresh out of bed hair that no one should ever be exposed to. I am known to wear this hat to local garden centers in an attempt to avoid washing my hair when many hours of work are ahead of me.  It may not be attractive but neither is my unwashed, fresh out of bed hair.

When I wear this hat, I feel as if I am a true gardener.  My husband calls me Farmer Ted...lovingly of course. 

When I wear this hat, I can manage my garden(s), become efficient in all of my work and admittedly, only sometimes accurate with my decisions.  It's a learning process here people!

When I wear this hat, I organize my garden thoughts and come up with creative ideas.

I love this hat.  Not as much as my mom and wife hat, but I love it.  I will wear it until it falls apart or until it blows away the one time I forget to cinch the tie.
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  1. BTW, my 13 year old neighbor boy that I recruited to help me haul the truckload of mulch, took this picture without me knowing it. Good pic my friend.

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