I don't think we're in zone 4 anymore

My 40 hour commitment took my away again.  Far, far away to a dry, dry place.  Where the lawns are rocks and the ground is brown.  This popular tourist spot seemed to have at least 1/2 of the U.S. population there exactly the same time I was there.  It was loud, crowded, and definitely not green.

Where was I?  VEGAS BABY!!!

You got it! Work took me to Vegas.  The hubs "my assistant" and I love this little hot spot and we had a much needed get away. In between work of course.

We visited the new, directionally confusing, City Center and found these little numbers in a planter box under the glass roof.

Instead of my pines, oak, maples, this is what we saw.  Palm trees and quite honestly I have no idea what the name of the other tree is called protruding in on the right side.  I almost wonder if it is native to the area.  

Even though we were away and had a great time, it was nice to return to our humid home.  I should mention that it rained the entire 5 days that we were gone.  Coupled with the brief moment of hot, humid air, my garden plants grew like they were on steroids.  So did the weeds.
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