The Greenhouse project

Over the past couple years, I have wanted a greenhouse more than ever.  Not just the thick plastic sided one, a more permanent thick polycarbonate sided one.  I have drooled over them at state fairs, home and garden shows, online and in magazines. The cost has always held me back. 

But this year is a little different.  Our garage, which was built probably in the 50's is in serious need of some repair.  It is a 4 stall, doors on hinges type of garage and mainly used for storage.  The last stall, the one closest to my garden brought us to our cross road.  Either spend a great deal of money trying to repair it or, tear the siding off, use 1/2 for an outdoor patio and the other 1/2 for a greenhouse.  No brainer, I know.

This is the front of the stall.  You can see the door is already broken as a result of a strong wind during one of our many spring storms.

I'm slightly embarrassed at this picture. You can see a portion of my garden, which is quite meticulously maintained, although you wouldn't know it.  The tarp, wood remnants, tomato cages all make it look like a junk yard.  The tarp was placed on top of the roof to help prevent some leaking until we could repair it.  Obviously it was no match for the storm that blew through.  So I guess you will need to take my word that my veggy garden does look a lot better than what this shows. 

That's the hubs.  He has already torn down the portion of the garage that will soon be my greenhouse. 

Tomorrow is the big day.  I am going to be making the 2 hour trek to Farmtek in Dyersville, Iowa to pick up my greenhouse making supplies.  The gentleman who I spoke with has been extremely helpful and I trust he will set me up with everything that I need.

We are planning on using salvageable wood from the garage for shelving and storage containers inside the greenhouse.  We have a storm door and a screen door that we saved when we replaced the doors to our house. (The doors to our house were actually salvaged from my in-laws house when they replaced theirs.  Nothing like newer free doors!)

Anyway, my budget is $700 for everything.  Support wood, exhaust fan, siding and accessories.  To me $700 is a lot but it actually will not be that much out of pocket. We NEEDED to purchase newer appliances this year since ours were very old and desperately needed an upgrade. With our appliance purchase we received rebates that I have saved towards the greenhouse purchase.  It should bring my out of pocket cost to about $250.  Not bad for a 10 year guaranteed greenhouse. 

I will let you now how it goes and if I am able to stay on budget.  I get distracted easily by shiny objects so who knows what will be in my truck when I return from Farmtek.
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  1. Laura Says:

    Very cool! Keep us updated as you go! I love that you are reusing material scavenged from other sites! It makes the finished product all the sweeter when you know you saved materials from heading to the dump. The added bonus of saving money makes it all worth it!

    Good luck with the build! This is on my 'someday project' list!

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