The Greenhouse project, part 2

I made the trek today. The 2 hours turned 3 hour trek to Dyersville, Ia to visit Farmtek and to pick up my greenhouse polycarbonate and accessories.  The 2 hour trek turned 3 because my little 3 year old garden assistant joined me on the adventure.  Her little bladder required a couple stops along the way.

Anyway, back to Farmtek.  This place is phenomenal.  A gardeners dream.  I literally could have purchased a lot more than what I came home with.  The gentleman that helped me, Mitch, was equally phenomenal.  He had provided me his email address so I could send him my goals with the greenhouse and any questions that I might have.  My husband also emailed a cad drawing to Mitch last night so he would have an idea of the size and items we would need. 

When I arrived, he had an estimate prepared and a list of suggestions for me.  This type of service is hard to come by.  His initial estimate was for just over $900.  This did not include a vent or exhaust fan, thermostat or one side of the greenhouse.  My initial thought was that I must find a way to cut the cost.  After all, my budget was only $700.  Ok, so after discussing this with Mitch he took me back to the bargain barn to see if their might be any slightly damaged panels. What do you know there were!  During our conversation, Mitch helped me find other ways and offered suggestions on how to effectively cut costs without compromising the integrity of the structure. 

We cut, we figured short cuts and what do you know, we got the cost down to $700.  This included all of the walls, framing for around the door and all of the extra accessories that I would need to have a basic greenhouse...minus the exhaust fan.  Mitch mentioned that because of the size of the greenhouse I probably could get by without having one although he suggested for good performance I should consider it.  I must admit that I went to Farmtek with the intention of spending a little extra on shiny objects that caught my eye.  The cost of the exhaust fan, three speeds, plug in, thermostatically controlled to turn on by itself was $189.  The thermostat was $49.  What do you know, there just happened to be one in the Bargain barn for $149 and that sealed the deal.  The exhaust fan was my shiny object.  After it was all said and done, with taxes it cost $926.  The gentlemen at Farmtek not only loaded my truck for me, they also made sure it was securely fastened so I wouldn't have to worry about anything on my way home.  I did make it home all products unscathed.

Why am I telling you about the cost? I decided to be as informative about my greenhouse project because this was completely unexplored territory for me.  I have no idea where to begin with all of this, what accessories to get, how to build the building, etc.  I figure I most likely am not the only one.  I hope that through this post and my future ones, someone might find them a little helpful. 

In return, if anyone has suggestions or questions, I would love to hear them.

Oh and here is a little tidbit of useless knowledge. Dyersville is where Field of Dreams was filmed. The field is still operated by one of the families on the property. Currently up for sale, they no longer have the ghost players but are hoping to bring that back and revive other features of the site after the sale. 
3 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Ooooh, we really want to buy / build a greenhouse. Can't afford it yet, but we dream of one.

  2. Laura Says:

    Good stuff re use centre's are a great way to save money! Good luck with the build/install!

  3. @meemsnyc, may all your dreams come true :). We definitely had to do something with the garage so I guess we just had to build a greenhouse...darn.

    @Laura, thank you for the wish of luck. I think we are going to need it. We are leaving for a family vacation soon so I am hoping to at least get the roof installed before we leave. I need luck with that.

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