Free Grass!!!

I believe in teaching my children personal responsibility and the value of hard work. I expect them to be accountable for their actions and to be responsible to their commitments.   My son, now 11, has taken on his first "job" of sorts and is putting everything that I have taught him into action.

Please do not cringe at the word job and associate it with child labor, as that is far from the truth.  He is doing something that every kid who is surrounded by lawns is capable of doing without being excessive. Mowing 1 neighbors lawn.  With this he is learning to watch the weather to see when he can sneak in the mowing between rain.  He is learning to make sure the lawn is mowed according to how the neighbor prefers.  He is seeing his own mistakes and improving on them each time.  He is taking pride in his work, which of course I like to see.  With all of that he is earning $10 a week to use for spending money on our family vacation. This is what he is the most proud of, the fruit of his labor.  That and he now knows he will have money to do things that we will not pay play video games...or buy a candy bar...or buy a souvenir.

Besides the lessons he learns, I am benefiting from his weekly responsibility.  Our neighbor doesn't treat her lawn with chemicals.  Which means free grass for me!  I can use the clippings as weed cover in my garden. I use our lawn clippings as well so with one week of mowing, I have enough to cover at least 1/2 my home plot.  Last year it took at least 4-5 weeks to have enough clippings to cover my garden.  I'm reeling with happiness.  Coupled with the free daily pile of newsprint that I receive at work, I am set.  Free weed protection, ground cover, and eventually nutrients for the soil.

As far as I'm concerned, his ventures are truly paying of, far more than his weekly $10.
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  1. Laura Says:

    That's a good thing for a young kid to be doing. It teaches personal responsibility early. I credit my early working career (volunteering from your sons age, first 'real' job at 14) for why I was so grounded in my teenage years. It's hard to get into trouble when your going straight from school to an afternoon job. I also had my own money, so no scamming the parents or other teenage trickery.

  2. Isn't that the truth Laura. How can they get in trouble when they are too busy to do so?

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