The Farm and Ms. M

I haven't been out to the farm since my last post about my appreciation for weeds.  Time simply hasn't allowed it which is entirely sad.  Not that I have been avoiding it, life and weather have prevented it. 

Today I will venture out to visit my lovely weed filled farm garden.  Possibly during my lunch break. You see, I received an incredible text message from Ms. M last evening.

"Plucked there from your garden when I went to check on it today. Didn't know how big they were supposed to get but I didn't want them to go bad.  You have cucs too that are almost ready." 

Accompanying the text was a picture of 3 beautiful summer squash.  If I am able to post the picture of my first squash of the year, I will do so once I figure it out.  I didn't even realize that the plants had bloomed let alone have squash ready to be picked.  I have to investigate.

Thank goodness Ms. M. visited my garden as those suckers would have been enormous.  I can't wait to see the other goodies that are waiting for me out there.

***Follow up.  I originally wrote this before work this morning and saved it to be completed during my lunch break.  I couldn't wait to visit The Farm until this evening so I spend my lunch making the 5 mile trip.  What do you know, I did find a cucumber!!! I also found mutant, siamese summer squash that I hope to take a picture of this evening. 
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  1. Laura Says:

    I look forward to the pictures! It's amazing how quickly vegetables get to work when the weather cooperates!

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