This is my first entry, my first ever blog post. If you are reading this, thank you for visiting.  I hope you find my adventures in gardening entertaining and maybe a little educational. 

I live in Zone 4 and for those of you who share my geographical location, know that we have unpredictable weather.  One day it can be 80, the next 30 and snowing. Let's just say we never quite put away our winter clothes until about July and we keep our garden frost protectors handy. 

I started gardening years ago (10 years or so), recreationaly at first.  I started with a tomato plant, peas, and a pepper plant.  It never resulted in much but I was happy with what I received.  Today, I have two large plots, one at my house for the veggies that need more tending to, and a second, even larger plot at a friends farm aprox 8 miles from my house. In the 10 years, I have learned to can and preserve my produce to last my family through the winter.  I also give quite a bit away which warms my heart and the tummies of the receivers.

Anyway, my friends and family have started asking me more and more about gardening which led me here.  I figured I would keep a running log of what I have learned to help answer the questions that I receive.  Well, if anything look back on my adventures and see how I progress over the years. 

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I look forward to sharing my adventures.
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