Rain, beautiful rain

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I have an enormous garden at The Farm.  This little piece of heaven delights me and fills me with excitement to the possibilities it brings.  However, a problem is quickly presenting itself, an issue that I didn't think long enough about, water.

I have to admit, I was a little eager to pick my spot and may have chosen it too fast.  In my mind, the area was perfect, no obstructions to block the valuable sunlight and plenty of untouched land.  I didn't take into account how terribly windy the area was.  Imagine if you will a beautiful, calm day...until you go to the farm. There, you are surrounded by hurricane force winds that will tie your hair into a million knots and position it into a tightly woven birds nest, right on top of your head.  Ok so maybe it isn't that bad but needless to say, it dries the soil out very quick.  So quick in fact that I believe I will need to be out there watering this summer, at least once a day. 

Last Sunday I had planted an incredible amount of seeds and plants.  The soil was still moist from a previous rain and since I didn't bring water with me, I figured that they would be fine until I visited them again.  Two days later, i paid these plants a visit only to find the soil already dry and cracked and my plants droopy.  I felt so bad! Like I neglected these little guys.  So I watered them with the water I had in a large jug in hopes to revive them a little.  I knew I wouldn't be able to make it back out there until the next day so I prayed the small amount of water would be enough.  The forecast didn't predict rain for several days so I knew, the next day I would need to find a way to gather more water and haul it out there.

Thankfully, the forecast changed and rain we got.  Beautiful, wonderful, soft, delightful, 24 hours of rain.  Exactly what my garden, the seeds, the plants needed.  I am eager to head back out to the farm to see if the plants regained their life.

So here is my dilemma.  What would be the most efficient, cost effective way to bring water to the site?  The sheds and barns do not have gutters so collecting rain water may not be an option without some cost involved.  I could bring a garbage can full of water out to the site but without the ability to drive the truck to the plot, I will need to haul the water one bucket at a time.  Any suggestions, besides doing the rain dance, would be appreciated.
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