My zucchini relish has super powers

Yes it is true, my zucchini relish has super strong, undeniably irresistible powers. 

Little did I know the powers of my relish the day I brought a pint to a family get together.  Little did my family know that they were my guinea pigs, the testers of my new recipe.  They loved it, couldn't get enough of it, asked for jars of their own.

I made around 60 jars that summer and slowly distributed them among close friends and family only to learn that they would hide the jar in the dark depths of their refrigerator to fend off potential relish kleptos.  That is if they didn't devour it immediatly on top of their nameless meals. 

Word spread about my super power filled relish, and more and more people began to ask for a taste.  A single morsel to grace their pallet. I thought I would test the power of the relish. One late summer day, I offered to trade my relish for something I truly had a craving for, sweet corn.  It's super powers revealed themselves to me that day.

Most recently I traded a jar for 5 boxes of canning jars and have given some away as thank yous for random things, like a truckload of manure, clothes for my daughter, and a 1/2 a truckload of pick your own sweet corn.  Super powers indeed.

I have 1 jar remaining.  It is hidden deep in the depths of my basement, away from those relish kleptos.  I have planted 8 zucchini plants this year, 5 more than last year as I believe there will be a huge demand for my super powered relish.  I will post my recipe later in the year with step by step pictures so you too can discover its powers.
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Oh my deliciousness! This looks so amazing and how cool that you've traded it for such awesome things! I can't wait to try it for myself!

  2. @meemsnyc, it is good on EVERYTHING! A friend of mine likes to dip her veggies in it, it is fantastic on any "Salad" type sandwhichs you may have. Absolutly fabulous on any fish, chicken, beef, pork, ok any meat that you may have. You find the super powers soon enough.

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