My weekend work

Since this was a 3 day weekend, my plan was to spend as much time in the garden as possible.  That is exactly what I did. 

I am now sitting here with my lap top, sore from head to toe but feeling incredibly accomplished.  This is what I was able to get case you care.

*Scoop and haul an entire load of wood chips
*Line the path of my home garden, 2 rows of potatoes, and my green bean fort with newspapers and cover with wood chips
*Build a green bean fort
*Plant heirloom tomatoes, peppers and green beans.
*Plant herbs that didn't come up from seed in my herb garden.
*Plant pea seeds.
*Scoop and haul a 1/2 truckload of old hay.
*Weed and find squash that was hidden by the dreadful weeds
*Place old hay around newly found squash plants
*Clean and organize my garden area at home
*Hang fence for my pole beans
*Go to the store several times for supplies
*Haul water to my garden. Yes this receives a bullet point as this is not an easy feat at the farm.
*Chop down thistle

I'm sure I am forgetting something as the list seems awfully short for all of the work that was done.  Glad though that I can return to my 40 hour commitment tomorrow so I can relax!
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