My Garden Fort

I came across this great idea from @mulberrymama, a gal I follow on twitter.  She made an inexpensive garden fort for her children for around $10.  I had to try it.

I often bring my kids with me when I visit the farm.  As I mentioned before, the land was severely neglected and my friends and property owners, have plenty on their hands without having to worry about the little corner of their property that I have taken over.  Until they have a chance to level the acres of severely rutted land, the weeds will take over again as no mower, short of a tractor, will be able to manage the weed invasion.  This will limit the safe areas that my children can play without running into the dreadful thistles.  Mulberry Mama gave the the inspiration I needed to solve the little play area issue.

There are some things that I needed to consider prior to building the structure.  1. I wanted it to produce some sort of food.  Pole Green Beans were the obvious choice since the structure would be light weight and the beans wouldn't necessarily weigh it down...too much.  2.  I needed the structure to accommodate approximately 10 feet as that is as long as the beans could become.  3.  I needed it to be easy to assemble.  4. I needed the over all cost to be around $10. 

Things I wanted the structure to accomplish.  1.  To be a wind barrier.  It is windy out there on the farm!  Wind burn is a short second to sun burn.  2.  I wanted it to be a large enough area both of my kids could sit in and stay out of the sun. 

So with those things in mind, I headed out to the hardware store.  I decided to purchase 4, 10 foot by 1/2 inch conduit pipe as it was only a $1.70 a pole.  To be quite honest, I have no idea what the difference is between regular pvc and conduit pipe.  All I knew is that it was flexible.  I also purchased 1, 10 foot by 1/2 inch pvc pipe.  The conduit pipe had a male and female end.  In order for me to connect the pipes using a connector piece, the pipe needed to have male ends.  Last were two, 3 opening 1/2 inch connector piece.  All of that totalled less than $10.

For the sides or what the plants would climb on, I brought along some left over chicken wire, and when that ran out, I used fishing line. This is the end result.  Please keep in mind, I left my 11 year old son in charge of measuring.  Not quite perfect but a learning experience none-the-less.

As you can see it is defiantly not perfect.  I figure it will add to the character of the structure as the plants grow. 

I used newspaper and left over wood chips as a weed preventative.  I think my kids will love it.  Thanks Mulberry mama for your idea.  I will keep everyone posted on its success.  I'm being optimistic so please send happy thoughts my way.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome!! You are so thrifty Ruth!!

  2. Thanks! I think it is going to need a little more support once the green beans start to grow. I will address that as it progresses.

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