Mad Mama's babies

I worked a lot in the garden this weekend.  A lot meaning approximately 9 hours.  The previous week, we had miserable, cold, drizzly weather that prevented my daily visits to my garden.  I had to make up for lost time.

As I was determining where to begin, I decided to pay a visit to Mad Mama's nest.  After all I was waiting for her babies to finish incubating so I could reclaim my wood for my raised bed.  This is what I saw

and this

Three little baby robins, not quite old enough to fly like this guy:

or this guy:

Those two toddlers were small enough that they haven't developed their fear of humans.  They hung around for awhile as I was digging, decided I was boring and left.

I have a feeling that Mad Mama's babies will be leaving their nest soon...and I can reclaim my wood.
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