Mad Mama

There have been many issues with soil, drainage, etc at my home plot.  You see, the back of our property  used to be a dumping grounds for trash, left over tools, etc.  I have spent countless hours with a large magnet picking up old tools and random rusty metal pieces which surely would result in tetanus if stepped on. Occasionally something interesting would pop up like old glass marbles and or pottery.  It's always a mystery what treasure I will find when tilling.  Anyway, I have also done my best to remove or cover up all the gravel and rocks in the soil with compost and continuous removal.  It is a never ending process and it still left drainage issues.

Something occurred to me last year as my husband was reroofing our old 1940's garage.  The old beams really were in pretty good shape and I knew that during the day and age that our garage was built, they wouldn't have treated it with harmful chemicals.  I couldn't let that wood just go to the dump so I built boxes for my garden with it.  Drainage problem fixed.  Soil problem, fixed.  Why didn't I think of this before?!?!

So the boxes remained stationary throughout the winter.  All but one that is.  I removed that particular box because the soil still wasn't quite right and I wanted to have room to till in my compost again this year.  The middle of April came around and the tilling was complete.  The next day I decided to rebuild the box and place it in it summer home.  In the mean time, I placed the box boards along my the side of my garage for easy access. 

The very next day, ready to put the box together, I walk out to my garden to find this

How in the world did a bird build a nest that quick RIGHT ON TOP OF MY BOARDS! Did this bird know I had plans for that wood the next day? Well the Mama bird must have sensed my invasion of HER space and started feverishly chatting away at me.  Here she is, mad as can be, keeping a watchful eye on me, making sure I'm not there to disturb her nest.

For now, the box must wait.  Mama bird lets me know it each time I make a visit to my garden.
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