A little Chinese cabbage please...Bok Choy

Sometimes I get stuck in a cooking rut. I make the same things over and over again. To the point, certain favorites receive the try to cover up disappointment "Oh" when the "What's for dinner" question is asked. 

So in my efforts to expand my cooking horizons, I came across an asian based recipe that called for Bok Choy.  I honestly had no idea what Bok Choy was, let alone cooked with it. So I opened up my favorite internet browser and read up on it. I found that it's a popular cabbage, sometimes referred to as white cabbage, used in Chinese and asian type recipes.  The entire vegetable can be used from the leaves and the stocks.  Sounded like I should give it a try and was extremely pleased to find that my local grocery store had a plentiful supply.  The shape was not the standard round that I am used to.  It almost resembled celery as it had tight stocks.  The difference was, bok choy had big green leaves.  I was intrigued.

I made that recipe that night and fell in love with the crispy texture, the lightness, and the slightly sweet flavor.  It was delicious and added an incredible crunchiness to our meal.  I wanted more.  I bought more. It went bad in my refrigerator.  Not for lack of interest, I simply didn't get to it fast enough.  Note to self, Bok choy doesn't last long in the fridge.

Because of this, I had to find out if I could grow it in my region.  What do you know, I could!  In fact, it is a cold weather cabbage that does very well with the cooler, even pre last frost type weather.  Out I went to hunt down seeds, which quite honestly were not too easy to find in my area.  I persisted and finally found a packet. 

I planted in early April and they started to show themselves in a little over a week.  Here is one today.  Doesn't it look delicious?

Bok Choy is low in calories and is loaded with vitamins.  You will find it in soups, stir fry, salads, and appetizers, especially Asian based foods.

I have a couple more weeks for these to reach maturity.  They can be eaten while they are smaller, baby bok choy, I simply didn't catch them  in time. 

After this first round, I will plant a second batch in the fall.  I think we will enjoy the garden freshness and I for one will need to search for more tasty recipes. 

Goodnight for now and happy gardening.
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