Jersey Girl

As a gardener, I know where my food comes from.  I know what it is like to eat something 2 seconds fresh and full of flavor.  Know what it's like to have to resort to a red object formally known as a tomato during the winter.

A year ago, a dear friend of ours became engaged to and moved his fiance from New Jersey to our zone 4 location. 

You can imagine my delight when I found out that she had never really been exposed to a vegetable garden.  To her, the vegetables came from a can or from a grocery store.  I had the opportunity to show her something new! To see her face when she bit into a fresh picked vegetable. To show her how beautiful growing food from the earth can be.  This opportunity is a rarity in my parts so I couldn't wait to bring her to my home.

Keep in mind, this was the time of year that the squash plants and pole beans were flowering.  I began by showing her the various plants that I had strategically placed through the garden.  Towards the end of the tour, she innocently said, "I can't wait to see this when everything is in bloom!  It will be so beautiful!".  I didn't know her well enough at that point to laugh out loud. I was however, silently laughing inside.

We had a great chuckle about it a couple weeks ago, which prompted me to memorialize the memory in my blog.  It still makes a good story to other vegetable gardeners.

Throughout the season, she had her first bite of a fresh green bean, and I was there to see her face.  How often does one have the opportunity to see someone experience TASTE for the first time.  Believe me, she is patiently waiting for this years crop to grow.

Thank you Jersey Girl for the chance to share with you!!! The green beans will be ready in about a month.  If I see that I'm missing some, I know where they went. 
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jersey girl!! That's me!! You have such a way with words Ruth!! And you are so right about those green beans, I can't wait!! They are so delicious!! You're not a frugal gardener, you are Mrs. Green Thumb!! thank you for sharing this funny story and making me laugh yet again!!

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