Interesting Pole Beans

I HAD pole beans sprouting nicely. These little gems were a result of the seeds I saved from last years crop.  Little seeds that I saved and marked and waited patiently to plant. Then Mothers day arrived and so did the frost. The selective, choosy frost. The frost that 1/2 of my pole beans fell victim to.  Ugg.

So out I went to find a package of pole beans to replace my lost gems. There I was standing in front of rows and rows of seeds when my eye came across these very unusual pole beans.  They are called Rattlesnake beans.  I have never heard of these but they looked so interesting, I thought I would give them a try.  After all, it was the one and only package and I simply couldn't let anyone else have these little treats.

The color of the pods look very interesting on the packages.  Somewhat of a mix between royal burgundy and your standard green bean.  I'm thinking the color combination will please the kids and help me persuade them to eat their veggies. ;) We will see in 73 days.

Rattlesnake pole beans are a highly productive heirloom variety that produce beans about 7 inches in length.  The plants can grow up to 10 feet long. (holy cow!)  The pods are said to be very tasty.  The unique color markings carry through to the seeds as well.. 

I can't wait for these to grow.  73 days is a long time!!!

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