The Farm

I am very blessed to have some very incredible people in my life.  Great, loyal friends, who make me better just by knowing them.  One of these incredible friends recently purchased 5 acres of land about 8 miles out of town.  A run down, beat up, unkempt, very neglected piece of property.   But this soon to be beautiful property has a secret, a treasure buried beneath all of the neglected trash.  Black Dirt.

The county north of where I live, the county in which I work, has some of the richest black dirt in the U.S.  Land prices are at a premium in this area and the residents, well they have festivals around it.  It's beautiful, dark, rich with nutrients, and a plant growers dream.  My friend you see now owns some of this black gold and she is letting me use part of it, in exchange for gardening tips.  I know your jealous.

So I surveyed the land and finally chose my spot.  An area east of a small barn where the previous owner kept pigs or goats among the 3 foot pile of manure (gross but good fertilizer).  This area had been unkempt for years. Over those neglected years, the weeds, grasses and small trees all provided good ground cover to preserve the black dirt.  Combined with the animal droppings, the ground was sure to be a great garden spot.

So I tilled, ok, my husband tilled a 100x20 spot.  Wonderfully large and the perfect size to nourish the space consuming squashes and low maintenance potatoes, onions, bush beans and other tasty delights.  I will even try my hand at wheat.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Anyway, this garden, on The Farm, is my little piece of heaven.  Thanks MS. M!
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