Buzzing activity

I have been away from my gardens for 3 days.  Away as my 40 hour dedication required my services in Nashville.  Being away from my garden, even for a short 8 hours, always makes me wonder what is happening in my absence.  What is changing, is an animal invading my strawberries, have any of my seeds sprouted. During these early months, many things can change...very quick.  When the garden is checked every day, these changes can be checked, noted and sometimes missed.  When away for 3 days, a tremendous amount of changes seem to happen. I liken this to being around and seeing your children every day when they are small.  You don't notice the changes but when someone who hasn't seen them for awhile and comments just how much they have changed, you notice it too. 

Now these changes will be saved for another post but for now, I will share one thing that I never really took the time to notice before.  The activity.

I have been working in the garden all day, too busy to take notice of the things that were happening around me, that is until I sat down.  I looked around, just to check things out, enjoy that plants and how well they are doing.  Then I started to notice just how busy my garden actually is. Not only is my garden a place for me to grow my dinners, it is buzzing with all kinds of activity.  100's of bugs are busy finding their dinner, bees are pollinating, wasps and yellow jackets are buzzing around, and the birds are digging for their worms, that or chasing after the bugs.  I never noticed all of this activity that has been around me every time I enter the garden.  For some reason, all of this activity gave me a different perspective about my garden.  It isn't just a backyard vegetable isle, it was a home, a haven, a bug habitat if you will.  I am building a place for these busy bugs and birds to come and to enjoy. 

As long as they don't destroy my plants, I am fine with that. 
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