Barriers for those pesky weeds

If I were to wish one thing in regards to my garden, it would be for all of the weeds to be banished. We will all agree that they are a pain.  The nutrient suckers were never invited, yet they are there to stay.  They try to take over, try to sneak in under a lettuce leaf and they are persistant.  They have overstayed their welcome and they must go.

Well since they will not listen to my request to leave, I have found several ways to prevent these pesky plants from being too much of a nuisance.  Manageable perhaps, without using chemicals.

Besides gardening, being a mother, wife, having a house, etc., I work full time in a position where advertisers feel the need to send me a tremendous amount of their monthy publications.  I am inundated on a daily basis with newspapers and magazines.  None of which I enough time to read, but I refuse to throw these valuable tools away or recycle them.  They are after all excellent weed protectors.  Most of the ink used these days are soy based which helps eliminate the worry of harmful chemicals leaching into the soil.  As an added bonus, the papers will decompose, adding nutrients to the soil.  I top the newspapers off with grass clippings and hay which will also decompose and at the same time assist in holding the papers in place.

A thicker version of newspaper.

Shower curtains
Nothing will get past old shower curtains.  Ideal for paths, shower curtains are thicker versions of landscapers plastic.  I will cover these with mulch or hay.

Old Clothing
Yes, old clothing.  Do you have a pair of worn out, stained, patched pair of jeans that simply do not have any more life? Cut them up and use them as weed protectors.  They eventually will decompose but in the mean time will make your garden look like a patch work quilt. :)

Most of these things you will have laying around the house so why not reuse them in the garden. After all it's free and will benefit your garden later and your back now.
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  1. Update: as I was cutting up a brown paper bag last night, it occured to me that those type of bags would work as well. Similar to what the newspaper would do. Happy weeding everyone.

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